Terms and conditions

The Regulations of the “ Borgo del Tempo Ritrovato ” accommodation facility are established to guarantee everyone a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of the same. It has a contractual nature between “ Borgo del Tempo Ritrovato ” and the Guest and, therefore, the request to stay in our structure implies the total acceptance of this Regulation . The non-compliance of the Regulations and the further provisions of the Management entails the removal from the structure of the transgressor and the relative reporting of the fact to all organizations national and international tourism, unless reported also to the Public Authorities in the event that the non-compliance could possibly lead to suppose the commission of a crime. The conduct held by both adults and minors is considered contractually relevant and, therefore, any violation of the rules of this regulation and of the common rules of civil coexistence and good performance of the Landlord will entail, according to the judgment contractually mandated in via unappealable to the Management, the immediate termination of the contract due to the Guest and the removal within 2 hours from the notification of the facts. In this case, the Management is entitled to withhold the sums already paid and to demand the remaining sums, also by way of compensation for the damage, without prejudice to the right to compensation for the greater damage ascertained.

Arrival (Check-in) : the accommodations will be available from 14.00 (GMT + 1) to 19.00 (GMT + 1), except different agreements. We recommend that you communicate your arrival time at the facility well in advance, especially if it falls outside the normal reception hours. If for some difficulty you are unable to meet the timetable, please let us know to make special arrangements. We remind you that as it is not a hotel, there is no a reception service available at all hours of the day, so please let us know the time and place of arrival. arrival at least 24 hours before . Going to the facility without having warned can cause delays that cannot be grounds for complaints or claims for refunds. All requests for late arrival are subject to confirmation by the management of the structure.

Departure (Check-out) : the accommodations must be vacated by 10.00 (GMT + 1), unless otherwise agreed, to allow the cleaning of the same by the our staff. An extra or the amount of the next night will be applied in case of non-compliance of the check-out time. On the day of departure we do not accept baggage in custody. The keys and / or the magnetic card will be delivered upon arrival at the time of check-in, and must be returned by the customer at check-out or left in the special box in case of absence of the staff assigned to this function.

The room cleaning service will be carried out only at the request of the guest and must be paid for separately as an extra service. Only toilet paper can be thrown into the toilet (for sanitary napkins, food, etc., use the special baskets). The obstruction of the toilet drainage pipes, attributable to improper use of the same, entails an immediate charge of 250 euros.

Reservations and Payments : stays will be paid for by bank transfer or credit card, following confirmation of the booking request via email, while any extras will be paid directly at the hotel. In case of withdrawal within seven days from the date of arrival, only 20% will be retained as a deposit, while in case of no-show or withdrawal less than seven days the full amount of the reservation will be retained; for reductions in stay or early departures, the entire stay will be charged; for a number of people lower than that established, the full amount previously agreed will be charged. The conditions relating to cancellation and prepayment may vary depending on the type of booking requested. The Security Deposit is retained at check-in and returned at check-out if no damages have been made.

COVID Emergency Cancellation Policies : For Covid emergency, cancellation is free up to 15 days before the start date of the stay; in case of cancellation within the specified deadline, the full amount of the reservation will be refunded.

The guest must provide, by national provision, a suitable document to certify his identity , both this Identity Card or Passport for all occupants, otherwise the operator must refuse hospitality (Article 109 of the P.S. laws as amended by Article 7, point 2 of Law 203/95). The manager will also present, to each incoming customer, a declaration form of the personal details that he / she must complete and sign (P.S. Law as amended: from Article 7 No. 4 of Law 203/95).

The reception point on arrival is at the property, unless otherwise agreed.

The geographical references and the directions on how to get to the property are available on the website www.borgodeltemporitrovato.it or, if requested, will be provided directly by the Management, after booking confirmation.

Each accommodation can be occupied exclusively by the number of people indicated for that specific housing unit, unless the customer specifically requests it approved by the Management.

Not It is allowed , for reasons of Public Security, for guests to allow other people to access the lodgings and common areas at any time .

It is forbidden inside the structures: to introduce animals , smoking , to use drugs , to light fires , speaking loudly, shouting , slamming doors or windows.

Access to the facility is free at any time, but all guests are also required to behave as polite and civilized people, avoiding disturbance and harassment of people or things inside the property.

The customer undertakes to respect the premises and the things contained therein. Any damage voluntarily caused to the structures, but also attributable to inexperience or distraction, will be charged at the cost of the restoration. In particular, each guest is required to compensate for any damage to the furnishings and all complementary equipment. In case of loss of the access keys (including magnetic ones) or the remote control of the air conditioning or TV, a penalty of € will be paid. 75.00. We decline all responsibility for loss, theft or damage to objects of your property left unattended inside the structure.

All guests are required to respect the Internal Regulations of the accommodation facility. The Management reserves the right to modify these regulations for reasons of expediency and functioning of the services by posting the changes to the reception and updating its website.

Our staff is at guests’ complete disposal for every need, in order to make their stay as pleasant as possible.


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